7 Ways to Shed Negative Comparisons and Decide What Matters Most

Does it really matter who makes the most money, has the biggest house, or throws the more extravagant parties?Does it matter who has the most friends, looks the sexiest in scantily-clad pictures, is the skinniest, or has the best hairdo? Lamentably, women in particular fall prey to an infinite number of these negative comparisons via the internet:

The lives of the rich and famous that seem to have everything you could dream of – mansions, cars, apparel.
The models with their fabulous bodies that don’t have an ounce of fat on them.
The flawless pictures of celebrities that never seem to age.
But what these people let you see is usually just an edited version of what they truly are. You can’t possibly live up to these distorted, idealized images. Comparison is a trap. It will only drag you down and leave you feeling inferior and inadequate. It robs you of joy and drains you of power.

Reject it!

Rid Yourself of Negative Comparison and Decide What Truly Matters

Consider seven ways you can scrap the burden of negative comparison and start focusing on what really matters most.

Be fair to yourself

When you make negative comparisons you often weigh the worst things about yourself against the best things you presume about others. Stop being so unfair! When people are out in public, they usually put forth their best. What goes on in their lives when nobody sees them is probably not all that fabulous.

Remember that you’re unique

There’s not another person in the whole world that is exactly like you. Even if you had an identical twin, they would not be exactly like you. Your goals, your style, your passions, your knowledge, and your experiences are all unique to you. Trying to copy someone else will only make your life feel phony.

Focus on your personal progress

You’re not static. You learn, grow, and develop your personality and abilities throughout your life. Instead of comparing yourself to others’ ideas or looking ahead at how much farther you still need to go, look at how far you’ve come and commend yourself for that.

Get support from friends

A true friend can help you see matters more realistically. When you come down on yourself, their support can pick you up and remind you that you’re valuable. Plus, drawing close to those that exert a positive influence on you can help you determine what’s most important.

Define your values

Your values and beliefs reflect what you stand for. They determine your focus and boundaries. Without them, you’re like a house without foundation, a ship without an anchor. They make a big difference in how you look at everything in your life – including yourself.

Nurture gratitude and contentment

Take a moment and really consider what you already possess. You may find it’s not as little as you thought. Sure, the glamour of the rich and famous may seem to outshine it, but does that really mean their lives are better? Or does it simply mean that all glitz is blinding them from seeing what’s actually missing? Hence, every time you want to change something about your life, carefully and seriously examine your motives.

Give of yourself

Giving brings happiness. Instead of letting yourself be distracted by unimportant, frivolous, and superficial matters, focus your attention on helping others. Your generosity will be rewarded by deep feelings of satisfaction, happiness, and well-being. When you lift up others, you’re uplifted.

Negative comparisons don’t add anything positive to your life – neither time nor value. In fact, they only take time away from those things. You have the choice to change your focus and direct it to the things that truly matter most.


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