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Singleness—in a World Built for Two

When you’re single, it can feel like everyone else is in a happy relationship. That’s not always the truth, but it doesn’t take away from how loneliness can make you feel.  Photo by Anna Tarazevich on It might seem like...

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How To Keep The Faith In Turbulent Times

It can seem, in these turbulent times, that there is no good news.  Our news feeds on social media, the daily papers, the TV evening news: wall-to-wall, 24/7, disaster after disaster. How can we keep the faith in the...

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Live Like You’re Loved, No Matter What!

One of our greatest human needs is to be loved. In fact, we thrive on feeling loved.Why is that? It’s because it assures us that we have value! At times, though, other humans—parents, spouses, children, extended family, or friends—may fail to...

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How Can I Love God With My Whole Heart But Still Feel Depressed?

How can I love God with my whole heart but still feel depressed?  All of us feel down or blue at times. Usually with time,  this sadness passes. Even when it lasts longer, you often can draw strength from...

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