How To Keep The Faith In Turbulent Times

How To Keep The Faith In Turbulent Times

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It can seem, in these turbulent times, that there is no good news.  Our news feeds on social media, the daily papers, the TV evening news: wall-to-wall, 24/7, disaster after disaster. How can we keep the faith in the face of all the negativity we encounter every day? It’s not easy. To cope with the turbulence while keeping and even strengthening your faith, try these steps.

Regain a Right Attitude

Examine your fears and challenges. How do they stack up against God’s promises?

Remember how you overcame challenges and problems in the past. How did God help you then? As Yvette Stupart, author of Embracing your Purpose: A Thirty-Day Devotional to Change Your Life,  puts it: “. . . The first place to start to deal with the issues is with yourself. Your attitude in challenging times could determine the outcome. While you might not be able to change your circumstances, you can certainly cooperate with God to change you.”

Create a positive atmosphere. Don’t live out of fear and defeat.

Take Inventory

Turbulent times are good times to count your blessings. Now’s the time to budget your money, energy, and time. Which of your concerns are most important to you? Consider what concrete steps you can take to improve the situation. Get rid of things, activities, and relationships that no longer have meaning for you and create time and space for what really matters. Realizing what you have and what you no longer need can give you the courage to make necessary changes.

Re-focus on Your Purpose and Commitment

As a person of faith, you committed your life to a higher purpose. In this fast-paced, digitized world, we can get so wrapped up in the fads and crises of the moment that we forget the big picture. We trusted God enough to surrender our lives to Him; we can trust enough to remember that “all things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23, NKJV) Turbulent times mean we need to double down on our commitment to live faithful and compassionate lives.

Take Decisive Action

God has promised not to desert us. This promise should give us the courage to build something better. Demonstrate your faith by taking action. Join a small ministry or study group. Volunteer for a construction project. Support disaster relief. Put your faith to work.

Be More Generous

Turbulent times are times to reach out to those who are worse off than we are. Rather than holding on more tightly to what we have, let’s commit to using our time, money, and energy to help others. There is more to life than ourselves. To be Christ-like, we must keep our connection to the reality of need in this turbulent world. We must show God’s love by our actions.

Get Back to the Basics Of Your Faith

In difficult times, prayer and scripture study are even more important than they are in good times. More than ever, we need the sustenance of God’s Word. More than ever, we need to stay connected to God through prayer.

When we don’t know how to cope, we can ask God to transform our thoughts. We need help to find a right understanding of what, as people of faith, we need to be doing.

Meditate on God’s word and your situation. Find the promises that speak to you and recite them to yourself every day. Remember to thank God in your prayers. Praise and thanksgiving in difficult times encourage us to move beyond the difficulty of the times to see God’s overarching love and power. Prayer and study both please God and help to drive away our negative thoughts.

Nurture Your Spirit, Soul, and Body

It’s hard not to stress out when times are turbulent. Try to cultivate patience and calm. “Let go and let God” is a twelve-step program slogan that works for everybody. If you can relax and focus on the good happening around you you’ll not only feel better, you’ll live better. Whatever the current problem, it’s not the end.

Seek to balance all the important aspects of your life—spiritual, social, emotional, and health. Make sure you get enough good nutrition, rest, and exercise. Self-care in all these areas helps keep you strong and faithful.

Find Your People

Surround yourself with people who are both faithful and positive.  Sharing life’s struggles with others helps us deal with them. The parable of the sower teaches that it’s hard, if not impossible, for good things to grow in a harsh environment. Connect with your church, small group ministries, and loving friends and family to keep a positive and faithful focus.

Summing Up

Taking a good look at your attitude, counting your blessings, and re-focusing on your purpose and commitments in life will help you keep your faith in turbulent and difficult times. Taking decisive action, increasing your giving, and getting back to the basics of prayer and scripture are actions that show your faith concretely. Nurturing your spirit, soul, and body and surrounding yourself with positive, faithful people will strengthen you to remain faithful and grow in your faith.

Next time you have a bad news day, remember the Good News. It will help you keep the faith in these turbulent times.


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